About Us

Bennie Pope, born and raised in the Lubbock area, graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Agriculture Economics with a minor in Finance. He spent his life’s work in farming and ranching, and having a heart for the farmer, spent many years fighting for the rights of farmers. He formed a company named Ag Loan Counseling that worked with various agencies finding ways to save farmers from losing their property and their livelihood. Having been a researcher for the Four Farmers Lawsuit, spending time in Washington DC as a lobbyist for farmer’s rights, and presenting a Resolution to rescind the 1933 War Powers Act to over 135 County Commissioner Courts in Texas and New Mexico, he has first hand knowledge of the political system.

Bennie has spent years teaching Bible classes, studying the history of our country and researching current events. Bennie hosted a local radio show from 1999 to 2002 called The Cotton Pickin Truth Show which lead to his recently being asked by Lubbock County Emergency Management and the owner a local radio station to host the radio show TEXANS IN THE KNOW on KDAV 1590 AM from 10 am til noon every Saturday. This is a Public Service Radio Show that deals with the questions “WHY PREPARE?” and “HOW DO WE PREPARE?”

Bennie Pope is a Christian patriot, family man and husband who, for many years now, has been admonishing those around him to prepare for natural and man-made disasters. He believes the United States is a Republic under the Constitution which was ordained by God and established by the people and for the people, and it is the responsibility of the people to restrain our Government from intrusion on any of our God given rights.