Mar 13

Back on the Air This Saturday, March 14th!

After a brief hiatus, we will be back on the air this Saturday March the 14th starting at 10am central on KDAV 1590am. Our guest will be Cliff Harris from HARRIS-MANN CLIMATOLOGY AND LONG RANGE WEATHER. (http://www.longrangeweather.com/) Not only will we be talking about current and long range weather trends, we will also be talking about Cliffs new book “Weather and Bible Prophecy” (What Was…What Is…And What’s To Come). A new book on the scientific and spiritual approach on how the WEATHER may have played a MAJOR ROLE in the BIBLE. Some topics include:

How God is using the weather to get our attention.

•When are the major climate and cultural cycles colliding?

•What are the futures prophecies based on the Bible?

•How did the weather influence major events in the Bible?

•Are many people, perhaps millions going to suddenly vanish from the Earth?

•How the weather could play a role in the “End Times.”

•What will the “New Jerusalem” be like?

Weather and Bible Prophecy’s advanced copies are available for purchase. There will be a LIMITED RUN of the first edition complete with colorized illustrations and charts. Each copy will be AUTOGRAPHED by the author, Climatologist Cliff Harris. Orders will be shipped by April 4, 2015.

Online versions of Weather and Bible Prophecy will be available later in the spring.

“By combining his knowledge of weather and theology, Cliff Harris has produced a well written, thoroughly documented and unique look at Scripture.” – Meteorologist Tom Loffman.

“Cliff Harris has shown himself to be a man of great energy and integrity. Utilizing his years as a weatherman, he has written this book from a very unique perspective.” – Teri Newcombe.


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