Mar 15

Cliff Harris – Weather and Bible Prophecy

Heat, Flood, Icy Cold, Hail Storms, Tornadoes, Super Storms, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Earthquakes and more! Extreme weather rages worldwide. Why are these happening with ever increasing frequency? Does the Bible have anything to say about these extreme events?

Arguments are raging around the world as to the reality or otherwise of climate change. And also, is man causing it? In all of these matters the nations are perplexed as to what is causing these chaotic and dramatic shifts in weather. Governments are discussing climate change to an extent previously unheard of across a background of conflicting scientific experts on both sides. Arguments are raging about carbon footprints, emissions trading schemes and the like in attempts to try to do something about these events.

Which brings us to the question: what is causing these dramatic climatic events?

Each year we have extreme weather, but is it unusual to have so many extreme events around the world at once?  Cliff Harris Joined us to talk about these topics and others.  He also discussed the extremes of this winter’s weather, and what we have to look forward to later in the year. We also talked to Cliff about his new book “Weather and Bible Prophecy”.