Mar 22

Our Health Preparedness Show for March 2015 Featured Dr Ben Edwards and Dr Don Huber Discussing GMOs and Glyphosate and Their Threat to Our Health

Dr. Don Huber is an award-winning, international scientist and professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University. Today he spoke with Texans In The Know and our own Dr. Ben Edwards from Veritas Medical about the dangers of GMOs and Glyphosate (Roundup).  Dr. Huber’s 50+ years of research and expertise in the area of plant pathology with a focus on epidemiology and control of soil-borne pathogens gives him much credibility in discussing the science behind GMOs and Glyphoshate.  He and Dr. Ben explained how Glyphosate, a mineral chelator, herbicide and patented antibiotic, affects our human body as well as the environment and the inherent dangers associated with this chronic toxin. One of the major problems with Roundup that U.S. regulators are turning a blind eye to is the fact that the chemical amplifies the toxicity of other chemicals. Besides killing off beneficial gut bacteria, which are needed by the body to process food and absorb nutrients, glyphosate makes other chemicals like aluminum and glutamine, which are added to many childhood vaccines, substantially more toxic.

Allergies are another consequence of glyphosate toxicity, as the weed-killing agent disrupts and kills beneficial gut bacteria, triggering inflammation, leaky gut, endocrine disruption and a host of other serious health problems. Dr. Huber’s concern for future generations on the under-researched and flawed science of genetic engineering is fact- based and comprehensive.  He stated:

“We’ve pretty much sacrificed an entire generation of children. The longer we go, the more damage that is going to accumulate.”

The message was passionate, articulate and science-based and one that needs to be heard widely. It is important to understand the facts if we are going to stop this dangerous process of genetic engineering and the widespread use of Glyphosate–the most toxic herbicide on the planet!